About Us

We envision Rockland County as a community where everyone’s need for shelter, food, health care, financial security and the safety and stability of families is protected through meaningful access to our system of justice. Since 1966, the Legal Aid Society of Rockland County (LASRC) has been striving to make that vision a reality by working for justice close to home.

Legal Aid represents Rockland County residents from all walks of life. We help prevent senior citizens from losing the homes they’ve owned for years. We help families fight back against landlords who refuse to provide decent conditions. We help persons with disabilities gain the resources they need to live with dignity. We help people who have lost their jobs receive the unemployment benefits to which they are entitled when employers are in the wrong. We help families obtain access to sustenance income, health care, food and affordable housing. We help survivors of domestic violence break the cycle of abuse by helping them obtain a divorce. We help children by giving them a voice in the custody, neglect, and other proceedings in family court that directly affect their lives.