Legal Aid Staff

Thank you for visiting the Legal Aid Society of Rockland County, Inc. (LASRC) Web site. Since 1966, LASRC has represented low-income residents of Rockland County, New York in civil legal cases addressing our clients’ most fundamental needs.

The mission of the Civil Division is to provide high quality legal representation to low income families and individuals in Rockland County in civil cases that most directly and immediately affect our clients’ lives: shelter, food, safety, public benefits and medical care.

The mission of the Children’s Rights Division is to provide high-quality legal representation to children assigned to the program by the Rockland County Family Court in cases of abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency and PINS petitions, custody cases, family offenses, and termination of parental rights.

Together, the Civil Division and Children’s Rights Division help Rockland County children, families and individuals with life’s most basic needs.

Legal Aid Society of Rockland

Alexander Bursztein

Executive Director

Children's Rights Division

Candice A. Whatley

Deputy Director

Lillian Arthur

Staff Attorney

Cassandra Sumpter


Jacqueline Sands

Staff Attorney

Lauren Steil

Social Worker

Christopher T. Widholm

Staff Attorney

Krystina Drasher

Staff Attorney

Civil Division: Basic Needs

Jack Vega

Legal Advocate

Victoria Carlone

Legal Advocate

Civil Division: Housing

Derek S. Tarson

Deputy Director
Foreclosure Project Director

Mary Ellen Natale

Senior Attorney

Eric Brown

Foreclosure Staff Attorney

Ben Bedell

Foreclosure Staff Attorney

Jacqueline Grannum

Foreclosure Paralegal

Norma Nieves

Eviction Legal Assistant

Civil Division: Special Projects

Angela G. McSweeney

Staff Attorney


Alisa Cahn


Laraine Marra

Office Manager

Joshua Wojehowski

Director of Development

Yohelina Camilo