In the face of the economic crisis facing so many of our neighbors, LASRC has drawn on its expertise in the area of housing law to expand its services to families facing mortgage foreclosure. By providing high quality legal representation to tenants and homeowners, LASRC’s housing unit plays a leading role in preventing its clients’ loss of shelter and the resultant homelessness.

Rental Relief and State Eviction/Foreclosure Moratoriums

Tenant Advocacy

Decent, safe and affordable housing is in very short supply to low income families in Rockland County. For that reason, LASRC has always emphasized retention of housing for its clients by representing them in eviction proceedings. By working closely with the Department of Social Services, LASRC has been highly successful in preventing evictions or getting families sufficient additional time to find alternate shelter. Retaining any housing subsidy such as Section 8 is crucial for our clients and we represent many families and individuals whose subsidies are being threatened. For many of our clients, representation in court or administrative proceedings is the only way to preserve their rights. For others, legal advice or brief consultations are sufficient to ensure that they retain their housing.

Eviction Defense
Enforcement of Tenant Rights
Illegal Lockout or Shutoff of Utilities
Settling Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Public Housing or Section 8 Disputes
Request for Repairs
Code Enforcement Issues

Foreclosure Defense


The mortgage foreclosure crisis has had a devastating effect upon Rockland County. Many Rockland residents are unable to pay their mortgages because of loss or reduction in income. Many have mortgages that were unaffordable almost from the moment they bought their homes. LASRC attorneys assist all homeowners subject to or on the verge of a foreclosure action by providing legal advice, preparing documents homeowners can file on their own behalf in court and as resources permit, representing them in mortgage foreclosure actions in state courts and in bankruptcy proceedings in federal court. Our attorneys have worked on record numbers of foreclosure-related matters, including:

  • Identifying predatory mortgage loans and pressuring lenders through negotiation or litigation to modify loans to provide affordable mortgage payments
  • Fighting to permit homeowners to assert defenses to foreclosures--including claims that mortgages should be discharged because the statute of limitations has passed
  • Working with community partners to encourage individuals to own homes and advise them on their options to borrow responsibly and to preserve the equity in their homes in order to build their wealth and keep them out of poverty.